Water Main Flushing Underway


MONDAY, April 22: The areas included in today’s scheduled water main flushing are: Kenosha Hills area, Epworth medical area, Arbor Pointe Subdivision, Telephone/Bell area, Jenner to Plank, Woodfield Subdivision, Heim Rd to Baugh Dr & the area north of Heim Rd. If your subdivision isn’t specifically listed, but you experience any of the below problems and are in proximity to any of the areas listed, you may be affected by the flushing activities. For more details, click here.

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Park Rentals

The Chandler Department of Parks and Recreation maintains four facilities available for rental by the general public. Find details about each facility, as well as links to rental applications, pricing, and contact information for each facility below.

Chandler Community Center

405 Community Center Drive

The Chandler Community Center hosts a number of town and community events and is a hub of activity for local residents hosting private parties, wedding receptions and holiday events. The center is in a semi-private area within the Chandler Sports Park. It has its own lighted parking lot and a driveway that surrounds the building for easier access for loading/unloading. A gazebo is situated atop a grassy slope adjacent to the building’s south side, the perfect spot for an intimate outdoor wedding.

Rental options include the meeting room (capacity: 40), the banquet room (capacity: 250), or the entire facility (capacity: 290). Tables and chairs are provided with facility rental and accommodate the capacities noted above.

Banquet Room – The largest room in the facility has a double-door entrance off of the main entryway. There is a coat-check area just inside the banquet room entrance. Just beyond the coat-check area is a large, portioned storage area along the length of the room where the banquet tables, padded chairs and storage carts are kept. The banquet room has its own temperature controls, a broom/mop closet for convenient clean-up, and a separate solid exit door that opens to the side of the building.

Kitchen – A serving counter from the kitchen opens up to the banquet room. The kitchen features a large island for prep work or additional serving space, a commercial stove and oven, microwave, two refrigerators, ice machine, prep sink, double sink, and hand-washing sink. Linens, utensils, flatware, and cookware are not provided.

Meeting Room – This smaller room provides meeting space for the town’s public boards, local nonprofit organizations, and members of the community who need a smaller space for parties, meetings or gatherings. Small square tables, padded chairs with arms, and a conference table are available for use in this space. The room can also be partitioned into equally divided rooms, if desired. There are two separate doors from the hallway into the meeting room which allow for entry into individual spaces when the room is divided.

Other facilities/amenities – A water fountain is located just outside the entrance to the banquet room. Separate men’s and women’s washroom facilities are accessible from the hallway off of the main entrance, and are located across from the meeting room and down the hall from the banquet room. Both restrooms are equipped with baby changing facilities.

Contact: Richard Lautner, 812-925-6840 or 812-483-4185, Parks Dept. Email

Rental Pricing

Rental Application

Chandler Baseball/Softball Complex

405 E. Washington Avenue

The Chandler Baseball/Softball Complex encompasses nearly 13 acres of the Chandler Sports Park, not including the adjacent paved parking. The sports complex offers four lighted baseball/softball fields, one tee ball field, a concession stand, separate men’s and women’s washroom facilities, a playground area, and a netted batting cage. There is also a large, open shelter with picnic tables near the entrance of the sports complex that may be rented out separately (see below).

There are various rental options to meet your needs, whether it’s an extra practice session for your team, a one-day or weekend-long tournament you want to host, or a couple of fields for a clinic or training session. Prices vary by time of day (whether or not lights will be in use), number of fields, and length of rental period.

Contact: Chandler Sports & Recreation, Parks Dept. Email

Chandler Sports Park Shelter House

405 E. Washington Avenue

The Chandler Sports Park Shelter House is located near the entrance of the sports complex. The 30-foot-by-60-foot open shelter has a gravel base and several wooden picnic tables to accommodate your relaxed gatherings. Open grassy areas surround the shelter on three sides, with the fourth side adjacent to the paved drive and parking area. There is a large playground area nearby. Restroom facilities (only available during sporting events) are a short walking distance from the playground area, and about 250 feet from the shelter house.

Contact: Chandler Town Hall, 812-925-6882, Parks Dept. Email

Rental Pricing

Rental Application

Chandler Town Park Shelter House

North 4th Street, between Monroe Avenue and Jefferson Avenue

The Chandler Town Park Shelter House is a 50-foot-by-35-foot open shelter with a concrete base. There are several wooden picnic tables to accommodate your gatherings. There is a small playground area right next to the shelter on one side, and a full-sized basketball court on the opposite side. Swings, monkey bars and another playground area are nearby. Restroom facilities are a short walking distance from the shelter house. Paved parking is adjacent to the small playground area.

Contact: Chandler Town Hall, 812-925-6882, Parks Dept. Email

Rental Pricing

Rental Application