Water Main Flushing Underway


MONDAY, April 22: The areas included in today’s scheduled water main flushing are: Kenosha Hills area, Epworth medical area, Arbor Pointe Subdivision, Telephone/Bell area, Jenner to Plank, Woodfield Subdivision, Heim Rd to Baugh Dr & the area north of Heim Rd. If your subdivision isn’t specifically listed, but you experience any of the below problems and are in proximity to any of the areas listed, you may be affected by the flushing activities. For more details, click here.

(812) 925 6882


Wastewater Rates & Applications

As a municipally owned and operated utility, all rates and fees are established by local Municipal Code. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has oversight on all rates and fees for the wastewater utility.

Wastewater Rate Information

Fees for wastewater service.

Establishing/Transferring an Account

New accounts and transfers of service are handled by our Billing Office.

New or existing customers wishing to transfer service to a new location are required to complete the New Service Application, and present a valid picture ID at the time of application. Rental customers are also required to show a copy of their lease or rental agreement. All accounts are charged a deposit for establishing wastewater service; the deposit is $75 for customers who own the property at the service address, and $100 for customers who rent the property at the service address. Submit all applicable materials to the Billing Office at 401 E. Lincoln Ave., Chandler, IN 47610; or by Email.

Wastewater Taps

New connections to the wastewater collection system must be purchased through the Billing Office.

Please complete the Wastewater Tap Application and submit it, along with the applicable amount according to our Wastewater Tap Fee schedule, to the Billing Office at 401 E. Lincoln Ave., Chandler, IN 47610; or by Email. Wastewater Permits are issued at the time of payment; applicant is responsible for calling the Maintenance Facility at 812-925-6213 to have the sewer connection inspected at the time of installation.

Billing Policies

Here’s what you can expect to find on your monthly Chandler Utilities bill:

  • Sample Bill.
  • Billing dates. Water meters are read on the first working day of the calendar month, with water and wastewater bills mailed out by the sixth working day of the month.
  • Due dates. Payments are due on the 20th of each month, or the next working day if the 20th falls on a weekend or Town-observed Holiday.
  • Penalties. Penalties are assessed after the due date – the 21st of each month or the second working day after the 20th if the 20th falls on a weekend or Town-observed Holiday. Late fees are 10% of charges on wastewater.
  • Disconnection. If payment is not made by 4 p.m. on the 27th of the month billed, your water services may be disconnected. There is a $40 administration fee for all accounts that are disconnected. The outstanding balance, along with the $40 fee, must be paid before service will be reactivated. If services are disconnected, reconnection may take up to 24 hours from the time the account is paid in full.

Additional information about Billing Office policies and procedures is available on our Billing & Accounts page. You may also find answers to frequently asked questions by visiting our FAQ page.