Welcome to the Town of Chandler, Indiana's Web Site Town of Chandler, IN
Chandler Fire Department
132 North Iowa Street
Phone: 812-925-6128
Emergency: 911
E-mail: chandlerfire@townofchandler.org

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Fire Chief: Nick Granderson

Asst. Fire Chief:
Wendell Cron, Matt Hastingws

Captains: Kenny Clark, Jake Luker, Terry Cupp,        Rocky McGary

Members: Scott Virgin, Donnie Adams, Curt Miller, David Johns, Tim Virgin, Paul Hilinski, Miranda Kolley, Krystopher Kolley, Brianna Beard, Jon Eastham, Stacy Granderson, Dave Luker, Kristi Held, Brian Shelton, Frank Shelton, and Bill Musgrave

Trustee: Lorraine Wittenbraker


The Chandler Voluntary Fire Department is located about 9 miles east of Evansville, Indiana. The department serves and protects the Town of Chandler, as well as part of Ohio, Campbell and Boon Townships. The coverage area consist of approximately 21 square miles, not including dual response areas with other local fire departments. Approximately 7,100 residents live within this protection area. Several of the volunteers also have medical first responder and/or EMT training.


 The Chandler Fire Department’s purpose is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Town of Chandler and the surrounding jurisdictional area from the threat of fire and other disasters. In addition, it assists Town leaders, police departments, (local, state and county), emergency personnel, and other area fire departments when called.


 Organized in 1952. There were 12 charter members, Chief Richard Musgrave, Assistant Chiefs, Paul Miller, and Elvin Fisher. Other early members: Floyd Fisher, Norman Derrington, Emmerson Hetzel, Jack Thompson, Gerald Stuart, LaVerne McCain, Bill Hetzel, Jim Patterson, Bob Carey, Paul Macer, William Franks, John Wilgus, Paul Spencer, and Major Henshaw. The first Chandler fire truck was purchased by the Ohio Township trustee, Ivan J. Reed, in 1953. $4,000.00 was raised through auctions, contributions, and fundraisers to get the money to erect the original fire house on N. Iowa Street. This firehouse was built by the charter members on ground donated by a local business. The original building was 32’ X 52’ This effort by residents of the community bears witness to what can be accomplished when people have a vision and take action to make that vision a reality. The fire department has grown with the town and surrounding area and has just recently added another new fire truck to go with the state of the art fire fighting equipment already available. WHEN THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDS, THESE VOLUNTEERS LEAVE THEIR MEALS, WORK, HOME, AND OTHER ACTIVITIES TO ANSWER THE DISTRESS CALL OF THEIR FELLOW MAN.


  • Test Smoke Detectors monthly-change the battery, if equipped, when the time changes
  • Try to have one in each bedroom, the hallway, and the kitchen
  • Today, new building codes require that smoke detectors be hard wired and backed up by battery
  • Ensure that windows will open easily if there arises a need to escape
  • Have a family discussion about what to do if a fire does occur-PLAN AHEAD
  • Stay low because dangerous heated gases are at the top of the room-crawl to the door or window, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth, tee shirt, whatever available, wet if possible
  • Call 911 on a cell phone or a neighbor’s house, never from the house on fire-GET OUT FIRST
  • Have a fire extinguisher near or in the kitchen, basement, or garage
  • Keep all flammable liquids and other materials properly stored