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  • March 5, 2020

    Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Cancelled

    A Precautionary Boil Water Advisory was issued by Chandler Utilities on Saturday, February 29. Bacteriological samples have been collected from representative sites of the affected area and tested. The test results were satisfactory and it is no longer necessary to boil the water.

    The area included residents along Fuquay Road between Hwy. 261 and Jenner Road.



    Chandler Utilities is issuing a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory for customers along Fuquay Road between Hwy. 261 and Jenner Road in Newburgh; this also applies to roads and subdivisions located directly off of Fuquay Road in the effected area, including along McDaniel Drive and Walden Road, Castle Hills Subdivision, and Pleasant Ridge Subdivision. There are an estimated 250 Chandler Water customers affected by this Boil Water Advisory.

    This precautionary measure is recommended due to a water main break that was repaired today. It is recommended that all cooking and drinking water in the affected area be brought to a complete boil for 5 minutes before use. Please continue to boil all cooking and drinking water until we notify you that it is no longer necessary. We anticipate the advisory will be lifted by the end of the week. Updates will be posted online at townofchandler.org as they become available.

    We appreciate your cooperation during this time and will update you as necessary until the drinking water problem has been solved.