Water Main Flushing Underway


MONDAY, April 22: The areas included in today’s scheduled water main flushing are: Kenosha Hills area, Epworth medical area, Arbor Pointe Subdivision, Telephone/Bell area, Jenner to Plank, Woodfield Subdivision, Heim Rd to Baugh Dr & the area north of Heim Rd. If your subdivision isn’t specifically listed, but you experience any of the below problems and are in proximity to any of the areas listed, you may be affected by the flushing activities. For more details, click here.

(812) 925 6882

  • September 28, 2018

    Storm Water video: Construction BMP’s – 1: Site Access & Prep

    This 11-minute video, completed in 2018, is the first in a series focusing on active construction site best management practices (BMP’s) for handling storm water runoff, including erosion and sediment control. It covers the items needed to initially prepare a construction site for access and before the site grading begins.

    Video topics include:

    • Pre-construction meeting including self-monitoring
    • Signage & rain gauge
    • Preservation & protection
    • Sequence schedule
    • Tree preservation & protection
    • Site access/construction entrance
    • Haul roads
    • Wheel wash
    • Stockpiles