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Storm Water

401 E. Lincoln Avenue
Chandler, IN 47610
(812) 925-7145 | Email
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Report Pollution and Illegal Dumping – Keep our water and waterways clean!
Report a polluter by calling (812) 925-7145 during normal business hours, by calling (812) 897-1200 after-hours, or by Email.

Chandler Storm Water Department was established after Indiana’s Rule 13 was adopted to mitigate pollution of U.S. waterways in 2003. Rule 13 regulates Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) that drain into the local watershed. Systems that fall under Rule 13 jurisdiction include roads, curb and guttering, street drains, catch basins, ditches, storm drains, culverts, and any other municipally-owned structure that collects and diverts or drains storm water.

Chandler Storm Water Department works to educate the public about the effects of water pollution from trash, debris and household chemicals, including runoff from motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, fertilizers, and detergents. In addition, the department maintains Chandler’s storm water system by ensuring ditches, culverts and catch-basins remain clear of debris and obstructions, through inspections of drainage projects, and by completing routine drainage improvement projects. Chandler Storm Water Department is also responsible for working to eliminate pollution from business and industry through storm water discharge, and for mitigating pollution from runoff and erosion at sites during and after construction.

While Chandler Storm Water Department is responsible for town-owned storm water systems, individual property owners are responsible for maintaining ditches, driveway culverts, and other private drainage systems on their property. Property owners who are experiencing drainage problems or who have storm water quality concerns are encouraged to report such issues to the department.

The Chandler Storm Water Board provides oversight and direction to the department, while the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is the governing body for Rule 13 compliance. Find the report from our most recent Storm Water Quality Management Plan state audit here: 2013.

Funding for Chandler Storm Water Department comes from a Storm Water Fee assessed to all properties within the town, which is collected on monthly water/wastewater bills. Single-family residences are charged $6.50 per month; all other property types are assessed a calculated fee based on the total area of impervious surfaces that create storm water runoff.

More information about storm water management, preventing storm water pollution, and how to avoid issues with clogged or blocked culverts and drainage pipes may be found on our FAQ page or in the related links provided below.