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Planning & Zoning Forms

The Chandler Planning & Zoning Department assists residents and property owners with applications and guidelines for construction, demolition, remodeling or other structural improvements or alterations, property modifications (such as pool, fence, drainage system and driveway installations), and zoning changes. The department also handles/issues any applicable Building Permits and required inspections for such projects. Relevant local requirements, codes, and permit applications may be found below.

Completed applications, along with supporting documentation and applicable fees, should be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department for processing. Find answers to general questions on our FAQ page. For questions regarding specific situations, please contact the department by Email or by calling 812-925-7145.

Chandler Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (PDF files)

Subdivision Control Ordinance (PDF files)

Chandler Permits, Applications, & Fees

  • Permit Fees: The Town of Chandler has established fees for various building and zoning petitions, permits, and inspections. Ordinance 2014-31 is the most recent law passed establishing fees. Other fees and penalties that may apply in certain situations or circumstances may be found above in Chapters 26 & 34 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.
  • Building/Improvement Permit: A general Building/Improvement Permit is required if you are planning to construct a new building or make a change to your property or building within the Town limits of Chandler. Most construction and property modifications require this type of permit.
  • Drainage Culvert Permit: Any drainage structure installation, improvement, or modification requires a permit.
  • Driveway Permit: Construction of a driveway or entrance requires this permit.
  • Mobile Home Permit: Anyone constructing a new mobile home or manufactured home, or anyone replacing a mobile home or manufactured home with a different mobile home or manufactured home is required to apply for this permit.
  • Electrical Inspection: An inspection is required for electrical services that have been disconnected for a year or longer; the utility company will not restore service to the property in such cases until the property has passed inspection.

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