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Chandler Wastewater provides sanitary wastewater collection and treatment services to nearly 4,000 customers in and around the Town of Chandler. With upgrades that accompanied the new construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility in 2006, the department gained the capability to accept wastewater from private septic haulers in the area; this has extended the department’s reach to outlying areas and even beyond Warrick County.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility provides up to 2 million gallons per day treatment capacity, with room and capabilities for future expansion. Chandler Wastewater uses a biological process to treat the wastewater, reducing pollutants by 80 to 90 percent. As part of our treatment process, biosolids created by the plant are land-applied.

Treated wastewater is regularly tested, mostly on-site at our Wastewater Lab, to ensure it meets or exceeds all state-required quality standards before being released into a tributary of the Stollberg Ditch.

Our collection system uses SCADA technology to continuously track wastewater flows throughout the system, and provides alarms to help prevent overflows and back-ups. Regular monitoring of this data allows Chandler Wastewater to identify and correct any minor issues before they become major problems. In addition to using technology, our Wastewater Collection Technicians take an active approach to maintenance and reduction of I&I (inflows and infiltration) so that the wastewater collection system works optimally. Thanks to these efforts, Chandler earned a commendation from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in 2011 for having no wastewater overflows.

Find wastewater connection specifications and details in our Sanitary Sewer Design and Construction Standards manual; Low Pressure Sewer Systems Specification and Details.

Find information about our rates and applying for new services on our Wastewater Rates & Applications page, and explore answers to common questions on our FAQ page.