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  • April 20, 2021

    Chandler receives COVID-19 Relief Grant for Small Businesses

    Chandler has received a $250,000 COVID-19 Response Program Phase 3 grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA).  This program provides funds to small businesses within 2 miles of the corporate limits of Chandler.  The funds are to be used as working capital to offset financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    General Eligibility Criteria

    Eligible businesses/individuals must meet the following guidelines:

    • Be a legal business, which can include self-employed individuals
    • Micro-businesses/sole proprietors must receive W-2 or 1099, or other form of schedule approved by the IRS. No cash wages will be considered.
    • Must meet the definition of a small business.
    • Demonstrate the direct correlation of their business disruption due to COVID-19.
    • Primary office or business location must be within 2 miles of the Chandler corporate boundaries.
    • Businesses receiving other COVID-19 assistance such as PPP, EIDL are eligible to apply.

    Businesses interested in applying will go to the online application at https://www.southwestindiana.org/phase3/. The application opens at noon on Wednesday, April 21, and will close at 3 pm on Wednesday, May 5.  If you have questions regarding this program or the online application, please contact the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (EREP) at 812-423-2020, or via email at cdteam@evvregion.com.