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  • November 8, 2021

    Leaf pick-up set to begin Nov. 15

    The Chandler Street Department picks up bulk leaf piles in the fall. On specific collection dates, residents should rake leaf piles to the edge of the road in front of the residence; piles should not be placed in ditches, alleys, or driveways. Leaf piles should be free of rocks, limbs, trash, and other debris. The Street Department reserves the right to refuse to pick up any bulk leaf piles which do not meet the guidelines of this policy. We will also pick up bagged leaves left at the edge of the roadway using the same schedule outlined below.
    The 2021 leaf collection program will begin on Monday, Nov. 15, and will continue for approximately six weeks. Schedule may be adjusted on weeks containing a holiday.

    During the leaf collection program, our Street Department crew operates on the following schedule, excluding holidays:

    Mondays – South (Blue): includes all areas south of Lincoln Avenue

    Tuesdays – Northwest (Red): includes areas north of Lincoln Avenue and west of Iowa Street

    Wednesdays – Central (Purple): includes areas north of Lincoln Avenue between Iowa Street and State Street

    Thursdays – Northeast (Green): includes areas north of Lincoln Avenue and east of State Street

    Be Aware of Stormwater – Leaf piles should be kept away from ditches and culverts to prevent blockages. Obstructed ditches are in violation of Stormwater ordinances and could result in fines. If the edge of the road adjoins a ditch, please wait to rake the leaves to the edge of the road until a day or two before your scheduled pick-up day to help prevent any possible drainage issues; if possible, try to keep the leaves out of the lowest point of the ditch. Please call the Street Department at 812-925-6213 with any questions or concerns.

    Burn Ordinance – The Town of Chandler has an ordinance that allows the burning of leaves and small limbs under certain conditions. Please check with the Chandler Police Department at 812-925-6898 regarding restrictions of this ordinance and/or to check the status of any burn bans that may be in place.