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  • April 5, 2022

    Notice to Chandler Water customers connected to the in-town water improvement project

    As part of the waterline improvement project that was completed in the Town of Chandler last year, which included new water main and service installations, customers who received new connections were notified with orange door hangers about a potential issue due to changed state regulations that may effect some homeowners. Some customers who were included in this project have experienced issues with pressure build-up since the change-out occurred and Chandler Utilities would like to remind homeowners in the included project areas of the following announcement (which mimics the notices that were hung on doors at the project’s completion):

    The Chandler Water Department has recently completed repairs and/or improvements to your water meter set which has included the installation of a required double check valve assembly. This will create a closed loop system in your plumbing, preventing water in your house from back flowing into the water system.

    Previously, the water in your home would expand or surge within your indoor and outdoor piping; this is a normal occurrence caused by water use and the expansion of the water in your water heater and piping during a heating cycle. With the check valve assembly installed, these surges may still occur, and may never cause an issue. However, typically with the closed loop system, the pressure relief valve on your water heater may open frequently and/or you may see other problems caused by the heating of the water and thermal expansion within the water heater.

    We recommend you contact a plumber who can install a thermal expansion tank at the water heater to compensate for the thermal expansion. Since double check valves and thermal expansion tanks are required on all new installations, certified plumbers should be knowledgeable and trained in their installation.

    Please feel free to contact us at 812-925-6213 or 812-853-5303 if you have any questions.

    ~ Chandler Water Department